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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

Apr 10, 2018

Bundy K. Brown was a seminal figure in the Chicago music scene in the '80's and 90's. As a member of bands like Tortoise, Bastro, & Gastr del Sol, he helped change the DIRECTIONS of many future musicians and musics. Though he considers himself a 'hack' musician, his sound is unmistakable and his musical footprint is wide and reaching. With origins as a DJ and producer, he possesses a unique and vast knowledge of hip-hop, jazz, and post punk. Now a resident of Louisville, he works through wine and food to influence and elevate culture. He sat down with JC to discuss growing up DJing on a military base, carving out a musical space for himself in Chicago, and how he came to define his own sound as a recording engineer and producer.

This episode is sponsored by Karate Body Records and Dauntless Distributing.