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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

Mar 13, 2018

Britt Walford is a highly revered drummer in indie-rock circles and beyond.  His work behind the kit in bands like Slint, the Breeders, and Squirrel Bait is immensely influential and often imitated.  He's toured the world, headlined the All Tomorrow's Parties festival, and recorded with legendary engineer Steve Albini.  He Sat down with JC to talk about classical music's influences on his musicianship, his early drumming, touring in a van as a teenager, and what made the Slint reunion (finally) happen.  Listen as JC geeks out a little too much about 'Spiderland', and notice Britt's patience with the entire process. 

This episode brought to you by Monnik Brewing Co. and Dauntless Distributing.