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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

Jul 3, 2018

Will Russell had a very public mental breakdown in 2015 and hit bottom at the top of Funtown Mountain. He suffered a prolonged and intense manic episode, very similar to one he experienced nearly 20 years before. But in between all that, he co-founded Lebowski Fest, opened the Why Louisville store, traveled the world spreading the gospel of the Dude, and gave this city some of its most vivid and memorable artistic moments. Will has come back into the creative world full force with two brand new ventures, the Everything Will Be OK Project and The Marvelous Mystery. He sat down with JC to discuss managing mental health, showing tribute to a cult classic, coming back into the public eye, and whathaveyou....

This episode is sponsored by Guestroom Records and Dauntless Distributing.