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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

Jun 19, 2018

Dave Bird has been in more bands than he can keep track of, and all of them have had an indelible imprint on Louisville music. He played in bands like OUT., VRKTM, Rude Weirdo, & American Lesions, and has contributed to several Bonnie Prince Billy recordings, and now performs with Tricia Cooper as the duo Bird/Trooper. Dave is a humble and joyous person with a fiercely intense musical style, whether he's playing guitar, bass, or singing. A Louisville native, he started playing in bands in the late '80's and has never stopped creating memorable music. He sat down with JC to discuss growing up in St. Matthews, embracing musical challenges, dealing with heartache and loss, and...Tony Bailey...and Britt Walford.

This episode is sponsored by Guestroom Records, Heine Bros. Coffee, and Dauntless Distributing.