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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

Jun 12, 2018

Kim Sorise is a world-class DJ, curator, and educator. She moved to Louisville from Detroit in 2000, found herself immediately surrounded by Louisville music icons, and hit the ground running as a news reporter and club DJ. Having worked for public radio for years, she covered topics as diverse as local politics, military training, and farming diversification. Her former radio shows 'The Independent Hit Parade' and 'Dirty Soul Party', as well as her regular club gigs around Louisville, have had undeniable influences on local dance and listening culture. And she continues to spread her musical wisdom as a founder of the female and gender non-specific DJ collective 'The Spinsters Union of Louisville'. Kim sat down with JC to talk about growing up in Detroit, honing her skills as a field reporter, using cockiness to her advantage, and more...

This episode is sponsored by Kaiju and Dauntless Distributing