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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

May 22, 2018

Craig Pfunder is an instrumental figure in Louisville electronic music and DJ culture. An import to the city by way of Korea and then Oregon, he found a family of like-minded, dance-hungry individuals here who were determined to move their energy from the mosh pit to the dance floor. As a co-founder of VHS or Beta, he helped fuse the seemingly disparate worlds of indie rock and dance music. Through his work as a DJ and event curator, he continues to bridge musical divides and bring creative people together in consistently interesting ways. He spent nearly a decade living in New York; the fresh perspective and insights he brought back to Louisville could be felt immediately upon his return.  He sat down with JC to talk about culture clashes between rock & roll and dance music, the brutality of touring, harnessing honest creativity, and more...

This episode is sponsored by Cobra Verde and Dauntless Distributing.