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ClifTones w/ JC Denison

May 8, 2018

Sarah Balliet started out as a classical cellist, but found her musical footing in Bloomington, Indiana's indie rock scene. After co-founding the band Murder by Death, she abandoned aspirations to be a biologist and dove headfirst into writing music, touring, and recording. She relocated back to Louisville several years ago to reestablish a home base for the band; shortly thereafter she and her husband and brother opened artisanal Italian restaurant Lupo, earning immediate acclaim in the Louisville food scene. Yeah, Sarah's busy! But she found the time to sit down with JC to talk about making the jump from school orchestras to rock bands, being an armchair biologist, how to navigate being in a band with your significant other, and more...

This episode is sponsored by Crosley and Dauntless Distributing.